July 7, 2015


Lately we have been doing a bit of Spring/Summer organizing
around the house...always a bad idea for the creatively restless. 
You know how it goes in your twenty somethings; you wind up with a random
collection of hand-me down furniture to get you started and suddenly
your living in a post college fraternity from the 1980's.

Needless to say, our organzing led to rearranging,
 rearranging led to an itch for redecorating
which ultimately led us straight to the pages of Pinterest for
some inspiration. One particular piece we became particularly 
fixated on was an old dresser we have been using that is in
serious need of updating.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see
the transformation!

fox + gypsy

1 comment:

  1. I've been doing lots of home pinning as well. I actually also have the look with the rope mirror and crate in my guest bedroom inspiration set up.