July 22, 2015

no sew circle skirt

You will need:

measuring tape
2-4 yards of fabric (preferably something with a little stretch)

 To start, cut your fabric into a square shape. Then fold it in
half long ways, then again, so you have a square again (as seem below).

 You then will begin to cut the skirt hem in a circle shape (the longer curve
line seen bellow).  this cut will be alike the "open ends" of your folded fabirc.
Make sure you cut the skirt fairly long, especially if you think you’ll be wearing 
your skirt  more so on your hip. 

 Then, cut your hip circle out. If your fabric is more stretchy, make
sure to cut it a little smaller than your hip measurement to 
allow for the stretch. This cut will be along the "corner" of your
folded fabric piece.

 Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

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