June 19, 2015

a few of our favorite things: Nashville + Bonnaroo {part 1}

Day one!
heading to CenterROO
When you ask someone to take your photo, you get a selfie!

Before I die wall
Bonnaroo art is everywhere
this guy
under to old Bonnaroo tree
friends who braid together...
tree nap

at Which Stage
Amish Pretzels
Nothing like a Bonnaroo Sunset
silent disco
left shark meets Deadmau5!
morning rituals
festival locks
Bonnaroo Fountain
That tent
the pit life of fox and gypsy
up close and center
third times a charm, he never gets old
Forest Gump
Silent Disco
Pit life for Deadmau5
Lego art
party barn!
pit life for Billy Joel

The Piano Man
Happy FriYAY!
fox + gypsy

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