May 14, 2015

Taco Bell Dip

We have quite possibly come up with the world's easiest
and tastiest dip ever created. This past mother's day, Gypsy
 was in charge of bringing an appetizer over for the day's
 festivities, but was in a bit of a bind for time. 
Hence, the Taco Bell dip.
The dip was gone in sixty seconds, so we were
unable to take pics, but we believe that to be a
testament to its' awesomeness!

You will need:

about 6 or more Taco Bell Supreme Tacos
(you can choose regular if you would like)
A bowl
A mixing device
Taco Bell Sauce of your choice

To make:

Here comes the easy part. All you need to do, is scoop
the contents of the tacos in the the bowl and mix.
Once fully combined, add you hot sauce. We added a little
extra sour cream to our mix.

Yo Quiero!

fox + gypsy

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