April 8, 2015

Wella + ELLE hair

Last week, we were invited by ELLE to check out Wella Hair's spring styles for a Salon Soiree at Salon Joli and we jumped out of our chairs. There is nothing we love more than parties and sweet treats, champagne, DJs....
We each got styled a different spring look- a beachy waves and a blow-out by Lindsay and Lance. We wanted to share with you some trade secrets we learned from both of our stylists:
Beach Wave by Lance
1/ works best with a natural texture, so don't worry if you haven't washed
2/ let the curls cool before you drag or pull. This will keep them from falling flat.
4/ leave the last 3/4 inch to 1 inch of your ends off the iron for a more natural look
5/ tease hair with your fingers by placing ends between two fingers and sliding upwards
6/ alternate your curling direction- curl towards and away from your face

We can't wait to try our tricks again and restyle some of the amazing braids + waves above for future posts!

fox + gypsy

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