April 24, 2015

mason jar orgainzer diy

We have somewhat of an obsession with mason jars. We know 
we aren't the only ones. Our obsession has caused us to accumulate
quite a few extra jars over the years, so we decided to get
thrifty and find another use for them. We landed on this
amazing mason jar organizer, equipped with jars and hooks 
for an abundance of uses.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project.

mason jars; we used five
hose clamps; we found ours at Schnarrs Hardware
scrap wood (also found at Schnarrs)
frame hanging kit
hammer and nails
drill and screws
wire grate; for decoration
Gold spray pain; for decoration
4-5 hooks (of your choice).

If we can do this project, anyone can! We know hardware stores can be
a little indimidating, but your local hardware store should have 
someone in the store to help you find the supplies you need. For all
those in the STL area, we found Schnarr's to be incredibly helpful, and even fun!

We love gold. We decided to take some Valspar
metallic gold spray paint and coat it over the silver
grate. To attach the metal grate, we drilled it down
on all four corners, and then down the middle. We used
matching gold screws for this.

The hose clamp was a little more tricky. First, we layed out
the clamps onto the board to measure out the spacing. We then
marked the places where we would be reinforcing them into
the board. Once we were ready to reinforce the hose clamp to the board
we lined our first clamp to our first marking.  We used a hammer and nail
for this part. To get the hole started for the nail (since the opening is a bit
smaller)  we used a small drill bit to open it up a bit more. Then we took our nail
and hammered the clamp into the board. We hammered two nails in each clamp
about an inch apart. We then placed our mason jars into the clamps.

Lastly we attached the hooks. Before we attached the hooks,
we spray painted them gold, just like the wire grate. Once the
hooks were fully dry, we reinforced them into the board using
the gold screws and the power drill. We decided to places ours
in between each of the mason jars at the bottom of the board.
Once your orgainzer is complete, take your frame hanging set
and attach it to the back of your board so you can
hang your organizer wherever you'd like!


You now have your very own mason jar organizer!
The best thing about this DIY is you can use it for virtually anything!
You can use it as a bathroom organizer for toilitries and towels, in the
kitchen for untensils and towels, your closet, or anywhere you need it!
We are please with the results and can't wait to use it!

Like this DIY and want to learn how to make it yourself?
Join us this Thrusday April 30 for a special Ladie's Night
with RSVP here
To the Schnarr's Hardware store Ladie's Night facebook event.

We hope to see you there!

fox + gypsy

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