March 18, 2015

DIY distressed denim

 We all have a pair (or two) of jeans that have been collecting
dust. Perfectly broken in, but may just a little over worn.
Whatever the case, if you are like us, you just haven't
quite been able to get rid of them, but you just
don't ever wear them. We decided to give our old jeans
a trendier makeover, and a second chance with this
distressed denim DIY.

There are many ways and tools to distress denim.
Some are more time consuming than others. For this
DIY we decided to go with serrated kitchen knife,
 and also used a little bit of sand paper. 
The rough edge gives then denim the perfect roughing
and the sharp metal gets the cuts you desire.

Taking the sand paper, we began to rub areas we 
wanted distressed. The sand paper served to soften the denim
for easier thread pulling with the knife. Once the denim
was worn enough, we then took our serrated knife and began
to 'scrape" the serrated edge across the denim, left to right.
Another technique we used was 'slicing' which gave the horizontal
"cut" mark look to the denim.

If you do not feel comfortable with using the knife, we found 
 A Pair and a Spare's tips 
 and tricks to bevery instructive as well!

Happy DIY'ing!

fox + gypsy

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