February 11, 2015

i "heart" you ♡

This is one of our favorite and so simple recipes//designs. You can use whatever cake recipe you'd like and follow below to create a cute valentine's or galentine's dessert!

 the heart-shaped cake:
To make the heart shape cake, we used a simple
Pilsbury Funfetti box cake mix.  Mix the cake as directed
on the box. To make your heart shape, you will need two pans;
a square pan and a circle pan.  Spread your mix evenly into your
two pans.  Bake as directed.  When your cakes are done,
let them cool for about 15 minutes.  Remove the cakes from the pans
on a large surface. Cut your circle cake evenly down the middle.
add the two halves to two sides of your square (as seen above).
Then, you are ready for the icing on the cake!
Decorate as desired.

fox + gypsy

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