January 30, 2015

a few of our favorite things

 fresh manis
the cutest flower girl

 family wedding fun
beautiful ceremonies

having a moment
 birthday cobbler
 adult decisions
blurred lines
 celebrating 27 on the 28th

playing dress up

fox + gypsy

January 29, 2015

diy; gilded shoes

We were very inspired by Tuesdays' "Shoes-day"post
on our love of metallic shoes,
so we decided, why not make out own!
 We came up with this
easy and fun DIY.

How to:

All you need to do is find a pair of "old" shoes and metallic spray paint.
Hold a few inches away for the concentrated parts.
For the fade, lightly spray at a distance moving slowly in the direction desired.

fox + gypsy

January 28, 2015

birthday nails

Today, I {gypsy} am celebrating a birthday. It can be a
bit drabby celebrating a birthday in a winter month,
so to jazz up the mood, I decided to go for a fun
mani! Hey, it's my birthday I can glitter if I want 
to right?

fox + gypsy

January 27, 2015

{shoes}day ; metallic

 Over the past few seasons we have watched the metallic
shoe trend stick around. Owning a few pairs ourselves, 
we are certainly not complaining about its extended stay.
What's not to love about this trend? We love the edge
they bring to a basic outfit in any season.

all images via pinterest.com

fox + gypsy

January 23, 2015

a few of our favorite things

A travel photo diary of last week's trip to Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta!

Happy Friday!

fox + gypsy