December 18, 2014

unraveled; sweater > cardigan

We are always in a constant brainstorm or ways to recycle
some of our old clothes into something new and improved.
We love this unraveled sweater DIY because it's easy
and who doesn't love a good cardigan?

It's so easy! All you do, is find an old oversized sweater
you are no longer fond of, or grab a mens
sweater at your local thrift store. Then take a pair of
fabric scissors and cut a straight line down the middle of
the sweater. Some necklines may be different than others,
so you may do some extra trimming along your open
sides to suit your liking. Then, hem or zig zag stitch the 
rough or unraveling edges (if any) and voila!
You have yourself a new oversized cardigan, perfect 
for (almost) all seasons!

Here's the fun part of this DIY: you can add any 
sort of notions or flair that you'd like to fancy up
your cardigan like buttons, lace, extra fabric, etc!

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

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