December 9, 2014

DIY: snowglobe

One of our all-time favorite holiday DIYs are these adorable snow globes. We made these with our extra mason jars we have stored away. They make great little gifts and take only a few minutes to make!

what you'll need:

Mason jars {any size}
Rubber cement or hot glue

Water version:
Distilled water
Liquid glycerine

how to make:
Glue your miniatures to a clean, dry lid. Add your glitter and other items to the bottom of your mason jar.  Take your lid with your tree or other items glued to it, and place it onto the mason jar with the glitter at the bottom.  Close the lid tightly and shake it up! We also made a version with water and added glycerine so the glitter fell slowly.  Let it snow!

fox + gypsy

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