November 6, 2014

STL Biergarten

We are (wannabe) foodies. When we find a place to eat
that we LOVE, we want to tell everyone about it. Last week
after our Girls Night Out brewery tour, we decided we weren't 
quite ready to head home, so we decided to check out the 
STL Biergarten at the Anheuser Busch Tour Center. The pictures
do no justice to taste. We tried (what seemed like) everything on the 
menu, and safe to say, we were not disappointed with a single item.

Our favorite part of the Biergarten menu, as told to us by head chef Travis,
is that every item on the menus incorporates beer in the ingredient somehow
 and also includes a perfect AB drink pairing. Not only that, but Travis also
told us everything on the menu is under
$10. Yes, you heard us right UNDER $10! We were just as shocked.

We started off with this meat and cheese board which included
four kinds of cheese and four kinds of meat and garnished with
the most amazing pickled grapes (don't know til you try them)!

We then jumped over to the Bavarian Pretzel sticks. Perfection. 
Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and came with home made beer
cheese and mustard dipping sauces.

This is the most amazing soup we have ever had. It is their signature
and seasonal Butternut Squash soup. We were immensely surprised
when we took our first bite; creamy with a tiny kick. We asked chef
Travis if he would can it and sell it to us. We hope he'll come around the the idea!

Last, but certainly not least, protein! We finished our meal
off with these short ribs and chicken wings. You know what they say
end on a good note!

It’s safe to say this was a girl’s night for the books and we can’t wait to do
it all again, especially on the patio!

fox + gypsy

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