November 26, 2014

mini apple pies

What you'll need:

16 oz. apple pie filling 
pie crust (we store bought on pack)
cupcake pan
cooking spray
circle cookie cutter (you can also use a circular object)
cinnamon and nutmeg (for flavoring)

How to:
preheat oven to 425 degrees.

1. Roll out one pie crust onto a sheet of wax paper
2. Take your circle cookie cutter and cut
out a piece of pie crust. (each crust should cut about 6)
3. Take your cupcake pan and spray with
cooking spray.
4. Place your pie crust cut out into each cupcake
holder of your pan.
5. Take your pie filling and empty into a bowl.
6. sprinkle your cinnamon and nutmeg into the
filling and mix.
7. Then, take your pie filling and begin to fill
each of your crusts.
8. With the excess pie crust, ball it up and flatten
it out onto your parchment paper.
9. Cut into small strips to place as your pie toppers.
10. Criss-cross the strips over the tops of your pies.
11. Once you have made all of your pies, place
your pies in the oven.
12. bake for 40 mins or until brown.

Allow your pies to cool, and enjoy with a scoop
of vanilla ice cream!

Happy Turkey Day!

fox + gypsy

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