November 19, 2014

blazer cape diy

This DIY is a litte more advanced than ones we
have shared in the past, but for any sewers out there (or friends
of sewers ) we wanted to share this how-to for one
of our favorite new trends; the blazer cape.

There are several different patterns for the
blazer cape, but we decided to go with a more structured

You will need:

sewing maching
seam ripper

how to:

1. lay out your blazer onto a surface, arms out.
2. take your seam ripper and begin to cut the in-seam 
of both arms of the blazer. 
3. then, turn you blazer around.
4. find the outside panels of the pattern of your
chosen blazer.
5.  For our pattern, we
removed the outside panels on the back of the blazer,
and reattached the arms to the back.
What you basically will do, is match the seam of your
arm, to the new seam on the back of the blazer.
6. Repeat to other side
7. clean up any rough edges by
 zig zag sewing any rugged seams

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

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