October 7, 2014

brushed gold canvas

We love to dip, dye and spray nearly everything in our favorite
metallic hue, gold. It is no surprise we have extra gold paint and
canvases from projects that have been sidetracked to start a new
one that takes about an hour to complete.

what you'll need:
paint of choice ( we like the Martha Stewart colors)
angled sponge brushes

how to:
Paint your canvas completely in your non-metallic shade. If your
base is a lot darker paint than your metallic pain the metallic first instead.
Paint several coats or until you can't see through the canvas when it's held up
to the light. Make sure to allow about 15 minutes of dry time between coats.
 Using a wide, large sponge brush paint your metallic color about halfway
up the canvas, but make the edge uneven where it meets your base color
 (picture with gold on gray above). Paint a few coats of the gold over your
base color. With the smaller brush and holding it with the angled side facing you
(seen above) brush small strokes to make sharper uneven edges. If you do not like
the way it looks, let it dry and take the opposite color and move fix your edge. 

Have fun, imperfection is the key!

fox + gypsy

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