September 16, 2014

pressed between pages

A few months ago, we attended Emily’s sisters wedding.
It was one of the most beautiful weddings we have been to.
one of the staples of the reception were the lavish flower
arrangements and bouquets. Naturally, with the help of our other
friends, we walked off with one of the 10 lb. centerpieces to bring home
so we could enjoy the wedding a little longer. As they sat there in our living
room starting to wither, we decided to we wanted to cherish  them a little longer
and began thinking of interesting ways to preserve them. We came up with
the idea of pressing the flowers and turning them into wall art.
Pressing the flowers:
Luckily, we have a plethora of old vintage books around our house as
decoration which came in handy when we were wanting to press 200 flowers.
some of the flowers we decided to keep on the stems, but others we decided to just press
the petals. We laid them in between the worn out pages of our books, and pressed them closed.
once the book was closed, we placed heavy weighted objects on top of them to get the
best results. Then, we left them to dry for 2 weeks.
Making the wall art:
We thought the perfect thing to do with our pressed flowers was
to make wall art using canvases from the local art store and mod podging
the petals into works of art. For this project, we decided to make various power
animals. We loved the way the turned out and can’t wait to frame and hang them!

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