August 14, 2014

unraveled: twisted

This particular DIY was a little tricky to show in pictures
but once you get it, it's super easy and fun!
We hope the writing clarifies some of the steps!
We also wanted to point out that if you don’t know
How to sew, there is a very easy no-sew
Way to do this project as well!
You will need:
Shirt (long or short sleeve)
A pair of scissors
Sewing machine
No-sew adhesive tape (if you do the no-sew way)
And iron
How to:
1.       Lay your shirt inside out on a flat surface, front side to the
 ground and arms out
2.       Choose any side, and cut along the outside seam 
from the neck, along the arm (both sides) and down to the bottom of
the shirt (see picture 1)
3.       Next, pull your sides apart (it should completely separate)
4.       Then take the back piece of your shirt and twist it,
as many times as you desire.
5.       Once you are done twisting, match your
seam lines back up
6.       For those sewing, re-sew the seams of your shirt back together
7.       For those using the adhesive: measure pieces long enough to
cover the length of each seam. Peel the tape so one side is sticky.
While your t-shirt is still inside out, place the tape in between the
 two pieces of fabric (the tape will then technically be on the “right side”
of the shrit.
8.       Take you iron and press down on the fabric where
your tape is to bond .
 We know this one is a little trickier,
so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to
ask us in the comments below!
Happy crafting!
fox + gypsy


  1. does it have to be a specific fabric? I'm having trouble with the twisting and then getting it to line back up

    1. Hey Taylor! What fabric are you currently using? If it's easier, you can email me at! Might be easier