August 12, 2014

Homemade Sirarcha

When I first saw this recipie for Homemade Sirarcha,
I was ecstatic. I go through this stuff like it's water. I am
what you might call, a bit of an addict. So I decided to give it 
a go and make my own!

I am {partially} immune to spice; food doesn't
seem to be spicy enough for me sometimes. I used a few more 
spicy peppers in my recipe than it called for, and you
can also do the same! We also wanted to make quite a bit
of it so we decided to multiply the recipie. The one
Below will make about an 8 oz. serving.

We would also like to note, this recipe takes
several days till completion due to a fermentation process
so make sure you allow yourself time
if you want to make it for a specific occassion.

you will need:

1 lb of jalepenos (we used green ones but you can use red to
get that authentic Sirarcha color)
1 habenero (or however many you would like for spice)
4 serrano peppers
1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar
4 cloves of garlic
1 tbs. salt
1tbs. brown sugar

To make:

Clean off all of your peppers and cutt off the stem of each one, 
but leave the crown in tact. This provides flavor. Chop the peppers
and put them into a bowl. Please note: These peppers are hot
so you may want to wear gloves when cutting! Be extremely
cautious and make sure to keep your hands away from your eyes!

Once you are done chopping, throw your peppers into a food
processor with a little bit of water and the garlic cloves. 
You will want to keep the pepper texture 
fairly rough. Once processed, transfer mixture into a mason jar with a splash
of vinegar on the top. The mixture has to ferment, so cover the top with 
a paper towel or coffee filter and a rubber band. Set your mixture
on the counter for a few days (keep out of direct sunlight). When you 
start to see bubbles form, your mix is complete!

Next, place everything back in the food processor.
This time, add in your brown sugar and salt. Process until
the texture is smooth (add water if necessary).

And Boom! Homemade Sirarcha!

fox + gypsy

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