July 29, 2014

{FAUX} laroid

 A couple of weeks ago, fox and I were organizing a new
office space we moved into and came across an old Polaroid camera
equipped with a stack of film. We were ecstatic and anxious to dust
it off and test it out. Much to our dismay, the camera was pretty quick
to disappoint. The pictures were not developing. We did some research and
came to the conclusion that the film was bad...

Great we thought, that's easy to fix!...YIKES. The new polaroid
film does not come with a light price tag. As we sat there feeling a 
bit defeated with our expired film we began to play around with 
some ideas.

It started off gluing pictures to the old film, using them as 
frames. Fox thought of the phrase "fauxlaroid" and this new adventure
began to unfold. I remember, back in my photography days, a common
exercise most teachers practice in Beginners class about framing and cropping.
They would give you a cutout frame from card stock and you would
 walk around holding up your frame in various places. The idea of it was
to practice the method of composition and space. And so began
the concept of the FAUXlaroid. We've been having fun
trolling around on our adventures with our FAUXlaroid frames
and creating various pictures.

If we've sparked some interest or inspiration in you
join the fun on Instagram using the hashtag 


We look forward to continuing this project
and seeing what great new projects develop from it....pun intended!

fox + gypsy

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I hope it takes off! I'll try to remember to do it sometime soon!