July 11, 2014

a few of our favorite things x two

 Rainbow bright
 nashville "beingets" and blackberry mimosas
 bringing out the big balloons
Katy Perry and the {almost} hidden emoji
Nashville Wall Art
Hillsboro Village

3D goggle views
Gotham City
 4th of July Traditions

  Ameri-cans & beer goggles
Shirt Kong custom 4th Shirts
Bachelorette crew in Nashville

Afternoon family photobooth

horsin' around Nashville

MargaritaVille before line dancing
American Pride

Printers Alley family portraits
8AM Printers Alley photoshoots
Broadway views
Almost famous (in my Diesel Fur)
Maid of Honor duties
mixed media portraits
"i've had the time of my life"
  framily photos
 1st mateys
 buds, suds & pretzels
  in the details
 a {former} local fave
  themed jello-shots
grandma & grandson
Grandpa gets the girl

Hope your second weekend of July was as
good as your first!

fox + gypsy

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