June 10, 2014

in-tents Roo guide

One word you can use to describe Bonnaroo is hot It’s Tennessee in June. It’s a ton of people 
on a farm in Tennessee in June so light, comfortable clothes is best.
        • Backpack – You’ll be carrying at least a few things
        • comfortable shoes
        • Shorts
        • Raincoat – Because of the rain.
        • Watch –  you don’t want to keep wasting precious battery life just to check the time. Bring a cheap watch that you won’t care about getting wet. 
        • Sunglasses
        • Hat
        • Dont wear black. Period.

At the end of the day, it’s better to be overprepared than to regret not bringing something. 
Definitely bring a backpack for the essentials.
        • Water, water, and more water
        • Cash – Most transactions will require cash. There will probably be ATMs, but expect long lines and hefty fees.
        • Spray sunscreen – Spray is quicker than lotion and gives you better coverage.
        • Hand sanitizer 
        • Toilet Paper – It’s not just a festival, it’s a camping trip.
        • Phone charger – I mean, this is Bonnaroo! Your phone isn’t gonna last four days.
        • Lightweight towel or blanket
        • Small folding chair – If the towel isn’t good enough for you!
        • Hoodie – Because you're camping!
        • Spare shoes / boots – You'll be glad if it rains.
        • Bug spray
        • Extra bobby pins/hair ties
        • Gum
        • Earplugs
        • Band-Aids
        • SPF chapstick
Map it out

Lastly, we recommend mapping out your concert "wishlist". You want
to get the most our of your Roo experience while also seeing as
many of your favorite artists as you can. Some of the stages
can be quite a ways from each other, so if you are trying to see
a couple of bands who are playing at the same time (which will happen), 
the best thing to do is pre plan your schedule and route so you can
catch the beginning of one show, and the end of another. One helpful
way to do this is to download the official bonnaroo app which helps you
organize all of your shows.

Be safe, have fun and 
see you on the farm!

fox + gypsy

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