May 29, 2014

gypsy caravan treasures

 pink sequin dress
 sequin butterfly crop top

 vintage t-shirts

 hand bag + vintage leather coach

 vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrated book

 belt buckles

 "traveling" wall bar
 chanel cuff earrings

While most people were firing up their grills this past holiday,
we were taking full advantage of the annual Gypsy Caravan market.
It was a bit of a struggle this year to get to the actual event, but the adventure
was well worth the end result. We discovered so  many treasures we thought 
we'd share our finds with you.

A couple of our absolute favorite finds were hands down the
geometric sequin dress and the traveling wall bar. And let's be 
honest, nothing beats finding a classic leather
coach purse!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love the first sequin dress that you found! The shape and design are so timeless. Also really like that Van Halen t-shirt. It is perfect! Looks like you found some really great things! xx