May 9, 2014

a few of our favorite {Nashville} things

 catching rays with a fave magazine
 tired of getting ready
 Lana Del Rey concert at the Ryman > epic
 Saturdays with Johnny
 Rocking out in Music City
 Tom Ford inspired sunglasses
 the lady in red with the man in black
 peach cobbler lemonade stands at Loveless
 hanging out on the back porch
 Loveless Motel hangs
 Southern Styles
 When your wait is 2 hours... you color
 Loveless biscuits and jam
 Our Favorite Breakfast 
 hanging rooftop poolside
 balcony afternoons
 fox and gypsy roadtrips
 windows down, music up, cruise
 a favorite bar

 afternoons with Local Honey
 cotton candy skies
 excited for Lana Selfies
 late night foodie calls
 timeless southern comforts
 eerie road trip stops
catching some r+r
city reflections
 city nights
the looks of friendship
 casual shopping trips
 friendly tackles

 the perfect afternoon
themed thank yous
sunday morning pastimes

If you are in STL tomorrow, grab your mamas, sisters, grandmas,
friends, whoever, and join us at Woodys Men's Shop
for some mother's day weekend fun! Shop and drink champagne
with us and other local bloggers, Heartland Underdog, 
Bangles and Bungalows, and Economy of Style.

Hope to see you there!


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