April 3, 2014

to dye for

For this project you will need:

a shirt {of your choice}
rubber gloves

how to:

Make sure you work in a space that is conducive to working
with bleach {we used our bathroom}. Pour your bleach into a bucket
or pour it into an empty spray bottle, the method we chose.
The great thing about this project is you can 
choose your various methods to achieve different looks.
You can dip it into a bucket to get a dip-dye effect, spray it to 
achieve the splatter effect or tie-dye it.

After you have achieved your desired look, immediately rinse 
your item in cold water.  You can use a washing machine, or 
rinse it in the sink or bathtub.  Once it's been rinse, it will need a run through a cycle in the washing machine before it can be worn.

Voila! Happy Dip-Dying!

fox + gypsy

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, I LOVE the effects this produced! I might have to try this soon!!!