March 27, 2014

mannequins on the loop

In honor of 'Throwback Thursday' and the upcoming
annual Mannequins on the Loop we decided to share 
our first project and also share the details for this years MOL.

Back in 2012 we decided to enter our first Mannequin on
the Loop contest. The idea was to create and design a mannequin,
in anyway you wanted, using recycled materials durable
enough to withstand the weather (since they were to be
displayed outdoors).  Since it was the first year we also created
our brand, Fox&Gypsy, we decided to create a mannequin
to embody that, and this is what we created.  

We were recently contacted again to enter this year, and we
could not be more excited since we were unable to enter last year!

 The theme this year is, Embracing:  Our Community

First place winner will be awarded a $500 cash prize!

Deadline to submit application:  APRIL 11, 2014 -
Application fee:  $75.00

Mark your calendar:

APRIL 12, 2014 - Kick-off

MAY 17, 2014 - Mannequins on Display

JUNE 8, 2014- Finale

for more information visit the facebook page!

fox + gypsy

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