January 31, 2014

a few of our favorite things: travelogue


Pancake Pantry
Afternoon Pick me Ups at Hot and Cold
good advice
Crown Lights
Local Honey 
lost in literature

we have arrived
local pubs
blurry weekend nights
dreaming of city lights
a favorite Brunch spot
tea time
..and we'll never be Royal
being a Newsie
dinner parties
game night

on the road again
Vandy girl
traveling fortunes
Printers Alley

Midtown nights
late night dance parties
Manis and Moodrings

Playing dress up at Gas Lamp Antiques
Hillsboro Village
obligatory dashboard selfies

It was far too difficult for us to pick a handful of our favorite pictures
from our extended weekend in Nashville. We spent the days
  exploring neighborhoods, trying out local eateries,
and thrifting at our favorite shops. The nights are always
 endless in Nashville , we sang and danced the nights away on Broadway
 and in midtown. We are always sad to leave, but
we know we will return again shortly.

fox + gypsy

January 30, 2014

beautiful little fool

This weekend we will be celebrating our annual Great Gatsby party. To get ourselves and our fabulous attendees prepared we have pulled some inspirational images of cocktails, fashions and party scenes from the era. 

fox + gypsy

January 29, 2014

Nashville vintage: Local Honey

 It's no secret we have an affinity for vintage and traveling,
so to combine the two together is pretty much the ultimate. This 
past weekend, we spent a lot of time treasure hunting and some of
our favorite local haunts in Nashville.
Local Honey has the best mix of vintage clothing, accessories and shoes--we scored in all categories. It is even home to a gypsy cat, Karl, in the photo above (Local Honey's instagram image). Check out all the great vintage and Karl next time you are in Nashville.

fox + gypsy