November 28, 2013

giving thanks

Thanksgiving isn't just about being thankful, its also about giving thanks.
Today, as we embark on our annual traditions, we decided to pause for a moment
and take the time to write thank you cards for all the important people in our lives.
It is these people that have molded us into the individuals we have become today.
We may not have very much being two twenty somethings in this world, but it sure
does feel like we've won the lottery with the people we have in our lives, and for that, we are forever thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

fox + gypsy

November 27, 2013

unraveled: sweater skirt

This week for our unraveled series, we turned our old recycled
sweaters into a sweater skirt.  It's one of our favorite cold
weather items and decided, it was much more
interesting to make our own!

Happy diy-ing!

fox + gypsy

November 26, 2013

sweater skirts

We adore a sweater skirt and the aesthetic it brings to a look. It's texture adds an element of cozy, yet slightly structured and can be worn in in a variety of ways. It's a perfect addition to a fall // winter wardrobe.

fox + gypsy

November 25, 2013

inspiration jar

It's finally Thanksgiving, one of our favorite holidays of the year.
   We decided to start our week right by pulling
 out our inspiration jar we started in January to reflect 
on the good this year brought and remembering
that it's not having what we want, but it's being thankful
for what we've got.

Happy Thanks week!

fox + gypsy

November 22, 2013

a few of our favorite things

purple drinks at The Hideout

roadtrip rides
tea in hillsboro village
pretty shops with pretty quotes
no shave November
beating games and beating wait times
Rainy days at the Loveless Cafe
wide open roads
new shades
buzzed mornings
 Nashville's neons
 favorite ice cream in a loveless edition

 we love this bar

 mega microphones

looking up

wide open spaces

happy weekend adventures!

fox + gypsy

November 21, 2013

pumpkin pie pancakes

This time of year pumpkin is a popular ingredient in recipes for both food and drink. We incorporated one of our favorite fall flavors in a breakfast treat that is good with or without the sweet topping we've also created. 

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes
 2 1/3 c. pancake mix
1/3 c. canned pumpkin
1 1/4 c. milk
1/4 c. vegetable oil
2 tbsp. of sugar
1 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice
2 eggs

White chocolate and vanilla almond topping
1/2 c. crushed vanilla coated almonds
1/3 cup white chocolate chips
maple syrup 

Mix together all of the ingredients above in a medium sized mixing bowl. Pour into a griddle at medium heat. Flip and continue. For the topping,we just sprinkled the mixture over our maple syrup for a sweet crunch. 

fox + gypsy

November 20, 2013

DIY {veiled}


After yesterday's inspiration board, we were excited to try to duplicate the look of the veiled beanie. We bought one yard of fishnet fabric and used a beanie that is already in our collection. For a temporary version, we folded the fishnet and secured it in the back in a twisted half knot as seen in picture one. We can remove and add it whenever we feel like incorporating the dramatic effect of the veil.

fox + gypsy