October 22, 2013

pumpkin {season}




Fall is one of our favorite seasons and also means its
time for our favorite reason for the season; Pumpkin everything.
There are various phases in the f+g pumpkin guide
so we decided to share them today.

First, we carefully {and meticulously} chose the best pumpkin in the patch
 for the many purposes we had in mind for them.
 Good pumpkins can be pretty expensive, often being weighed by the pound
{and worth every penny}.
After we purchased the select "few" (carving, white and mini pumpkins), we deviously
 plotted this year's design, going with a one-eyed monster and Jack Skellington respectively. We then decided, we had to make good use the seeds for a special recipe.
We sprinkled brown sugar, cinnamon and powdered sugar for a sweet take on
the ever classic 'after-pumpkin-carving' snack.
It was a night certainly well spent with good friends.

fox + gypsy

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