October 12, 2013

fox + gypsy ♡ memphis


We live for road trips and adventure. It is truly the time we feel the most
alive and free.  We've been especially itching to go back to Memphis, TN after a brief
 pit-stop we took on our way to New Orleans. We loved the live music, friendly
locals and Memphis cuisine! We couldn't fit all of our adventuring in one night,
 so here is a brief list of what we have planned for a weekend road trip to Memphis!

South Main Arts District

//South Main//

It is the latest fashion district in the city, with a row of local boutiques 
(we are dying to shop at vintage store, Hoot and Louise and Sir Samuels).
South Main is also the home to the National Civil Rights Museum. 
Jump the trolley to hit up these key stops and more!

 Local Beer

//Wiseacre Taproom//

We are pretty spoiled in St. Louis when it comes to beer. However, we truly enjoy trying
different local and craft beers that cities have to offer. Ghost River and Wiseacre
are a couple of breweries and taprooms we want to visit.

The Memphis Zoo

We are suckers for animals and often visit the infamous zoo down the street. However, no two
zoos are the same. The Memphis Zoo has some animals that we either don't have
or can't get enough of, like sloths, a giant panda, a brown kiwi, bushbabies and red pandas!


//Sun Studio//

Music and roadtrips go hand in hand. While visiting a new city, we try to
go to restaurants and bars where local music and new artists can be heard.
The musical history of Memphis is beyond intriguing and exciting to us. We'd love to visit
the historical spots, Sun Studio and Graceland where heartthrobs like
Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley walked the halls.

Antiques and Vintage

//Hoot and Louise//

It's no surprise that we love all things vintage, antiques and thrift.
We will always make time to stop at thrift and vintage stores. We are eyeing
Toad Hall Antiques, Flashback, Inc. and Hoot and Louise.

Street Art

One of the best things about aimlessly driving in a new city, are the little gems we 
stumble upon. Some of our favorite things we have found while be lost is dive bars, 
small shops, and beautiful street art. Memphis has some beautiful street murals 
we hope to see in person.


You can win your own trip to Memphis with ALIVE magazine to see one of our
all time favorite artists, Justin Timberlake, to see the 20/20 Experience Tour
in his hometown. The winner will also stay at the infamous Peabody Hotel and visit
Timberlake's golf course, Mirimichi. Add this contest to your Memphis road trip list!
More details and how to enter are available here.

fox + gypsy

//images from google and justintimberlake.com/

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