October 10, 2013

inside the studio; Rungolee

We had the distinct honor and opportunity to sneak a peek at the Rungolee fashions
over brunch at the fabulous estate of local designer Anjali Kamra.
It was a beautiful day to catch up with all the bloggers on fashion week faves
and discuss the impecable designs of Rungolee.
It felt like being on a movie set with models located in the beautifully modern decorated
rooms adorned in the flawless pieces crafted by Anjali.

Stylish women across the globe have been turning heads with Rungolee wear
 since its launch in 2007. We’re thrilled to have gotten up close and personal with the clothing
and get to feel the luxurious fabrics for ourselves.  Each piece has a distinct story to tell
with a design for every woman.  We certainly have more than a few items
on our shopping wishlists.

About Rungolee

Boldly feminine, effortlessly dashing, and timelessly du jour, the Rungolee woman transcends paradox to define a style all her own. She savors the rush of flea market discoveries, peruses the boutiques of Milan with off-handed ease. Drawn to the distinct, she is delightfully couture. She enjoys fashion, as life, infused with adventure, mixing rare finds from fresh travels with time-tested classics. Her wardrobe is her palette; the world, her muse. With an eye for the exceptional and a heart for the beautiful, she is at once stylish, eclectic, and impossibly chic.

information via www.rungolee.com

 It was a day we will definitely still be talking about for weeks to
come that involved our favorite things: brunch and fashion!

fox + gypsy

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