September 18, 2013

salted caramel kabobs

 We love fall for many reasons, including the seasonal treats,
with caramel apples being one of our favorites. Today, we decided
to share our take on this fall classic.  

You will need:

melon baller
caramel (we bought already made)
large skewers
sea salt

how to make:

1. take you melon baller and begin making little balls with
you apples
2. take a skewer and being skewing your apple balls
3. once the apples are on the skewer, take a spoon, and soon the caramel
over your apples
4. pour some sea salt in the palm of your hand and sprinkle
sparingly over the caramelized apple balls
5. place your tray of kabobs in the fridge for about and hour
6. Enjoy!

fox + gypsy

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