August 6, 2013

the birdcage

Today, we wanted to share some home decor inspiration with one of our favorite
refurbished pieces. As many of you know by now, we have an affinity for rehabing
the old and making them into something new.  This Victorian birdcage  
was rough around the edges when we first found it, but still undeniably
beautiful despite its wear.  We knew immediately we had to have it
to make it into a lamp.  Due to its age, the metal was a bit hard to reconstruct
because it was so delicate, but we did what we could to remold it into its former
shape.  We also touched up a few of the areas with white paint, but left most of it
untouched to keep the character.  
Finding a lamp to fit into the cage was a bit tricky, but we finally found
one just the right size.  We strung the cord through the back of the cage to hide
it, and Voila! 
 When the cage is lit, it makes the most amazing vintage pattern on
the wall and gives off.  It's absolutely perfect and one of a kind!
fox + gypsy

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