August 20, 2013

sleeveless blazer DIY

Yesterday's sleeveless blazer trend board gave us the inspiration
to DIY our very own.  All you need is an oversized blazer, men's
or women's, and a pair of scissors!  We found this amazing tweed and leather detail 
mens blazer at the thrift store, quite the steal.

Start by laying your blazer out on a flat surface.  Choose a side, any side, and 
stretch out the arm of the blazer.  Find the seam at the shoulder that connects
the sleeve to the blazer.  This is where you will begin your cutting.
Snip a small cut with your scissors.  Once you have made a large enough
opening to fit the scissors in, begin cutting the rest of the sleeve along the
seam, making sure not to cut through it.  If your blazer has a lining, you will
want to repeat this step.  Then, move over to your other
sleeve and do the same procedure.  Voila! You have your
very own, unique, sleeveless blazer.

We can't wait to layer this one for the fall <3

fox + gypsy

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  1. The blazer is really stunning. It can be wore in any style as your wish. Even women are crazy to wear mens leather blazer as a different attire.