August 13, 2013

frozen banana bites

 We usually have quite a sweet tooth so we love to make 
easy little desserts for whenever that craving may strike.  There are several ways
to make this particular recipe, but we decided on one that was
quick to make {and made the least mess}.  All you need is a couple
of bananas, Hershey's chocolate syrup and graham crackers.

to make:

First, we sliced our bananas into 1/2 slices and then into rounds.  We poured the chocolate syrup 
and covered the bottom of our dish.  We placed the bananas in the dish and coated the top of the bananas with the chocolate syrup.  After you are satisfied with your chocolate coverage,
it is then time to sprinkle your graham crackers on top.  To crush
the graham crackers we simply put them into a ziploc bag
and mashed them.  Last, place your dish into your freezer for about an
hour, and enjoy!

Note: the chocolate syrup will not freeze, the banana will.  To make this  
recipe with frozen chocolate, you will need melted semi-sweet chocolate chips
instead of the syrup.

fox + gypsy

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