August 8, 2013

chain link

In yesterdays post, we showcased gypsy's handmade double chain 
necklace.  It was very easy to make, so we decided to share with 
all of you in case you feel inspired to make your own!

The entire necklace is actually three necklaces attached together; two are 
plain longer chains from the thrift store, and the third is a 
old multi chain necklace from target.  I attached the two
longer chains together by looping them through the chain links,
and then clasping them together, almost like an infinity chain.
Then, I took my third necklace, and attached it to the
infinity chain with safety pins.  Yes, you heard me, safety pins.
For me, safety pins are so easy and practical to work wtih when
making jewelry and they are so discrete you can even see them.

There are several ways you can go about making your own necklace
like this one, but it's always good to pick someone elses 
brain for inspiration!

Happy crafting!

fox  + gypsy

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