August 28, 2013

best dressed of Loufest {part1}

Day 2 LouFest

  We live for music festivals, and after being at a couple, we definitely have come to
love the "festival style".  We were so excited when
LouFest and Alive Magazine invited us to share their 
Best Dressed at LouFest contest 
with all of you
by sharing how we plan to stay stylish at the 2-day music festival.

Today, we are sharing gypsy's festival style file.
My keys to staying stylish the whole day in the sun?  Light fabrics
and layers.  The light
flowy pants paired with the crop top is ideal for a day of music
to prevent too much "glistening" in the sun.
 You wouldn't expect it but, staying out in the sun all
day makes the nights a little chilly.  That's why I like to add a layer element
that you can keep on if it's not quite as hot, or you can take off 
and wear later when it does get cooler. 
And of course don't forget your two most important accessories:
a backpack, bright lipstick and sunglasses!

I hope you enjoy! For your chance to be named Best Dressed at 
LouFest, simply show up at LouFest in style for a chance to be 
featured on the pages of Alive Magazine and win the grand prize package.
The contest will be judged by the fabulous local Heartland Underdog
and Chicago street style expert, Tres Awesome.
Tickets are still available, what are you waiting for?

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