July 25, 2013

west elm STL

 Today is finally the day; West Elm STL opens!  Last night, we were lucky
to have been invited to get a sneak preview of the store.  We could have spent
all night and all our money in there!  We have been scouring the pages of west elm online
 ever since we moved, but it's so much more fun
to actually go into a place to pick out your new decor. Needless to say,
this grand opening has been highly anticipated for us.

The great thing about West Elm is that they are
 constantly rearranging the in-store spaces for inspiration,
so every time you step foot in the store, it's like the first time.  
We particularly had our eye on the new custom paper mache
 Animal heads they had displayed (PETA freindly), 
especially the rhino!

 Another great thing about the STL West Elm is that they feature local STL Etsy shops.
The image at the bottom of the page is a featured artist by the name of 'Authored' who makes
the most fantastic ipad and tablet covers out of old books.  So clever!

Everything is organized and designed for you to mix and match
and play designer for a day.  They also feature a design lab where a
on-staff desinger helps you to layout your personal space at home, and then helps you
pick out some decor to fill it!  We can't wait to get in there at try it out!

fox + gypsy

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