July 24, 2013

vintage honey; accessory holders

This month, for vintage honey, we decided to feature a few of our favorite refurbished
items we use to hold our accessories.  Since our decor style is on the modern-vintage
motif, we are constantly searching for interesting items to house and hold our many accessories.

The first featured item are old wine bottles.  Originally we had been using them 
as vases on a vanity.  One day we had the epiphany to also use them to hold
our bangle collection, while also still using it to hold flowers.  The bonus of this, if you want some
wine bottles, it's a great excuse to have a wine night with some friends!

The second featured item is an old antique glove holder.  You can find them in
almost all antique stores, but very rarely can you find one that is actually for sale.
Luckily, we found this one with a price tag.  We have been on the search for it for what seems
like forever so that we could display our sunglasses on it.  It definitely can fit more that just the
three pair, but we like to display our seasons favorites on it to make it less cluttered.

The last item is a vintage suitcase.  This is probably our favorite of the three.  It was such
a great find and we knew instantaneously what we would use it for; our laptop and ipad.
The mod print on it could not be more perfect, and its so fun to carry it around and have
people ask where its from.  There's something kinda great about having a one-of-a-kind

Happy Hunting!

fox + gypsy

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