June 27, 2013

berry refreshing

We've been using strawberries in a lot of our recipes lately, but we can't help it! 
They are incredibly delicious this time of year.  One of our favorite
uses for them this summer has been for fresh strawberry lemondae.  It's
very easy to make and is a lot more refreshing then the bottled stuff.

how to make:

Take your strawberries and cut them up into small pieces.  You will want to cut up about 
2 cups, or more depending on the size of your pitcher.  Put the chopped strawberries into your 
pitcher.  Take a spatula or other utensil and mash up your strawberries into a sort of puree. 
 Next, Prepare your lemonade mixture in the same picture your strawberries are in.  
We used Country Time Lemonade.
Mix it all together.  Add sugar to taste.

fox + gypsy

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