June 28, 2013

a few of our favorite things


weekly inspiration (image via tumblr)
Antique store finds
 new haunts
 summer night games
 retro movie theater d├ęcor
 new items to the wish list
 bar games
Moving week has been crazy, to say the least, but we still managed to squeeze
in some time for fun.  A special thanks to Luxury Garage Sale for 'popping' into
St. Louis this week! We hope you come back soon <3
Happy Weekend!
fox + gypsy

June 27, 2013

berry refreshing

We've been using strawberries in a lot of our recipes lately, but we can't help it! 
They are incredibly delicious this time of year.  One of our favorite
uses for them this summer has been for fresh strawberry lemondae.  It's
very easy to make and is a lot more refreshing then the bottled stuff.

how to make:

Take your strawberries and cut them up into small pieces.  You will want to cut up about 
2 cups, or more depending on the size of your pitcher.  Put the chopped strawberries into your 
pitcher.  Take a spatula or other utensil and mash up your strawberries into a sort of puree. 
 Next, Prepare your lemonade mixture in the same picture your strawberries are in.  
We used Country Time Lemonade.
Mix it all together.  Add sugar to taste.

fox + gypsy

June 26, 2013

palm prints

palm print pants; forever21
pleated crop top; forever21
neon sandals; Target
retro sunglasses; Fairfax flea market
bandana; thrift
lipstick; Kate Moss #11

fox + gypsy

June 25, 2013

Luxury Garage Sale

above: Owners Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal

Look out St. Louis! Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton 
and many more big names are coming to town this week.
            LUXURY GARAGE SALE is an upscale consignment boutique 

located in Chicago, IL that specializes in selling new and gently used contemporary, designer and vintage clothing and accessories.  
Tomorrow, we will being attending a special preview of LGS's one day 
pop-up shop in St. Louis! Yes, you heard us right, Luxury Garage Sale will be opening a shop right here in St. Louis.  We can't wait to get a peak into the collection of designer and vintage pieces and shop 'til we drop.  Pinch us!

Luxury Garage Sale's one day shop will open June 27th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
at Collective at MX on 626 Washington Ave.  Anyone is also 
encouraged to sell gently used contemporary designer clothing.
Just shoot an email over to consign@luxurygargesale.com to schedule
an at-home pick up!

fox + gypsy

June 24, 2013

the dreamer

The Tallest Man on Earth, The Dreamer {click below to listen}

We can't get enough of The Tallest Man on Earth this summer. Since being introduced to this artist over a year ago, we were thrilled to see him in the Bonnaroo 2013 line-up. His set was over an hour long, but we could have easily listened to him all day and he will be steady on our future playlists.

fox + gypsy

June 21, 2013

a few of our favorite things

 leaving town for road trips
 what stage
 catching up with the daily Bonnaroo
 sky lanterns
 disco barns
 pretty lights
 camp grounds
inspiring chalk walls

awaiting Macklemore 
 bonnaroo vision
the best flag on the grounds

Happy first day of summer!

fox + gypsy