May 20, 2013

Fantastic Five

 Last year, we participated in Delmar Loop's fantastic annual Mannequins on the Loop 
event (seen here).   It was such a fun project for us to do! Unfortunately,
 we were unable to participate this year, but two of our dear friends, 
Amanda and Micaela, did and created a pretty rad design. Mannequins on the loop was originally inspired from a contest that was held in Chicago a few years ago.  Designed to showcase local talent, 
the project gives selected artists a concept, a mannequin, and three weeks to complete their masterpiece to be displayed publicly for a month.  Artists must create a design from recycled materials strong 
enough to withstand unpredictable weather conditions.  This years' concept was the
  Fantastic Five, named for being the fifth year the project has been in place.  

 The mannequins will be 
decorating the streets of the Delmar Loop until mid-July.  
If you haven't already seen them, it's definitely worth a trip!

fox + gypsy

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