May 23, 2013

"A Queen Within" Preview

This fall, St. Louis will take center stage in the world of fashion premiering rare garments from the late Alexander McQueen's collections at the A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess exhibition at the World Chess Hall of Fame. This week, we were able to attend a sneak preview of what is to come, and, needless to say, are anxiously counting down the days until we can cover the events in the fall.

The exhibit will house over 75 carefully curated pieces from the Lee Alexander McQueen, possibly the largest group of garments outside of the archives. There are even a few from his last collection, Angels & Demons, that are as breathtaking as they are eerie. The pieces we saw left us speechless: there were prints on gowns that looked life-like, gold gilded goose feathers hidden beneath the skirt only to be seen when walking and homages to Bosch paintings that were an inspiration to McQueen.

McQueen's rule-breaking architectural designs made him one of the first designers to truly be a storyteller with his fashion and runways. Garments inspired by Darwinism, hyper-realism, and the post-apocalyptic world will all be present at the exhibition this fall. Other groundbreaking and daring designers will join McQueen's: Viktor + Rolf, Gucci, Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen), Sandra Backlund and more, thanks to the London-based curator Sofia Hedman.

We can't wait for the exhibition and how it will be told through the story of chess in a wonderlandish-way this fall. Find more information about the exhibition and its related events here.

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