April 16, 2013

summer salad

This past weekend, we had one of the best mediterranean couscous salads ever.  That being said, we have been craving it ever since and we were dying to make our own.  The great thing about this recipe is that it's very simple and only takes ten minutes tops to make.  Plus, an added bonus, it's very yummy!


1 1/4 C. of chicken broth
2 tbs. of olive oil
1 box of couscous
1/2 C. of feta cheese
about 5-6 green olives (you can also use kalamata olives)
1/4 C. Balsamic Vinegar dressing
about 5-6 cherry tomatoes
1 small red onion
cracked black pepper

how to make:

In a pot, bring your chicken broth and olive oil to a boil.  Once boiling, stir in your couscous, cover, and remove from the heat.  Let this sit for five minutes. While your couscous is cooking, chop your olives, tomatoes and red onion into small pieces.  Fluff your couscous with a fork.  Transfer your couscous from the pot to a serving bowl.  Add your chopped olives, tomatoes and onions, and feta cheese.  Then, stir in the balsamic dressing and mix the ingredients. Add some cracked black pepper and salt to taste.

This salad will definitely become a summer staple and we love how healthy it is. 

fox + gypsy


  1. this sounds amazing!!! totally pinning this and making it soon!

    xo Jackie
    Living After Midnite

    1. It's so good! I had it again for dinner tonight... I am a little bit hooked :)