April 15, 2013

spring garland

For the past year or so I have been eyeing the Confetti System tassel garland, however I did not want to pay the steep $130 price tag. Though time consuming, we were able to make our own by purchasing our own tissue paper and bringing the total cost of the project to under $20. We choose spring colors for this garland (you can see our 'Great Gatsby' garland here).

What you need:
tissue paper
glue gun

how to:

Fold the tissue paper once lengthwise and twice widthwise. Leaving two inches at the top cut the strips lengthwise. Unfold and cut into four sections. Roll the tassel lengthwise and twist the flat middle piece. Hot glue together to form a loop at the top. Feed the twine through the loops and your garland is finished.

fox + gypsy

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