April 11, 2013

festival nails: tie dye

Whether you are attending a music festival this year or not, it is still fun to get into the spirit with festival fashion trends.This year, we will be attending Bonnaroo and although it is not until June, it's definitely never too early to prepare. This new spin on tie-dye nails is a great way to get started. 

To get the look we let the first coat of base color completely dry. We quickly added a second coat, and across the top of nail painted two stripes of colors we wanted to tie dye. We gently dragged a fine pointed tool across all the colors to achieve the the tie-dye affect while all colors were still wet. The colors we used were: OPI's 'Alpine Snow,' Essie's 'Lilacism' and 'Haute as Hello.'

fox + gypsy

1 comment:

  1. Yay Bonnaroo!! This is such a great look for that festival! I may have to try it out! :)