March 26, 2013

handmade cards

This past weekend, we had the distinct honor to attend STLFW as part of Alive Magazines' VIP Bloggers getaway.  With that, we were showered with many wonderful gifts and swag bags from some pretty fantastic sponsors.  We wanted to thank all of them, especially the ones who couldn't attend, so we decided to make our own personalized cards.  We simply bought some card stock and envelopes from a local craft store, Archivers, and adorned the cards with embellishments including studs, rhinestones, stamps, and paint.  We always are looking for excuses to DIY and this was the perfect opportunity!

fox + gypsy


  1. You two are too cute. And patient. Generally, I don't have the patience for crafts, but I think I might actually enjoy these!

  2. Those are adorable!!! I love anything seems so much more heartfelt!!! LOVE!