February 21, 2013

Vintage Honey


We found this little tricycle while we were at the new Saver's VIP opening night, and for only a $1, we had to have it. It was the perfect fit for a business card holder.  We always have our eye out for quirky pieces like this for the home or, in this case, to bring with us to events.  

Ceramic Bust

This bust was one of those finds worth bragging about.  We had always admired them at antique stores, but did not admire the price tags so much.  We happened to find this one at a local thrift store one day for only $8!  It's perfect as-is for decoration, but we would much rather use it to hold our large collection of jewelry.

 Heart Case

This silver heart jewelry box caught our attention immediately.  We couldn't get over the fantastic neon heart detail and the red velvet lining on the inside.   It's a box worth many purposes, but for now, we thought it would be a great playing card holder.

What WILL we find next? We for one can't wait to look!

fox  + gypsy

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