February 20, 2013

The London Tea Room

Brunch is our favorite day of the week.  Yes, you read correctly, day.  We like to spend more than just a 30-minute meal on brunch-days.  It's our day of the week to plan, gab and anything in between. 

Recently, we had the chance to go to The London Tea Room. Nestled upon the hustle and bustle of Washington Avenue, this quaint and intimate tea house is the perfect haven.  Known for being a supplier for some of the finest and most rare teas, the tea room has an extensive tea list that is organized in " state of being" chapters to help you find exactly what you are looking for-whether it's to help you focus, invigorate, or bring peace. Perfect for both connoisseurs and "beginners."

The London Tea Room serves both breakfast and lunch items all day, along with an assortment of sweets served from the pastry case. We came in for a late lunch and each tried a different sandwich on the menu, which changes seasonally. The pastry chef bakes fresh goods every morning. We went treated ourselves to the multi-colored macaroons, lavender and lemon pound cake, and pain au chocolate, none of which disappointed.

Food aside, the laid back, mod-contemporary environment was most enjoyable. We loved the attitude and presence The London Tea Room possessed.  We also got a kick out of the witty menu descriptions. For example, the pastry case: "Consult our pastry case for daily specials.  And by "consult" we mean: buy something and eat it." Or how about the Bacon Butty Sandwich? "This is a bacon sandwich.  No more need be uttered."  Brilliant!

The LTR is open from 11 am ‘til 2:30 pm on days Mon through Fri; Saturdays ’til 5 pm; Sundays ‘til 4pm
"Attempts to secure lunchtime sustenance outside of these hours may result in us giving you “that look” and henceforth some embarrassment on your part."


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