February 6, 2013

the Big Apple

 As most of you may already know, this fox and this gypsy will  be traveling to the Big Apple today for  Spring 2013 MB Fashion Week.  We could not be more excitied to be traveling with some of our favorite local bloggers HeartlandUnderdog and LaceandDagger.  While we were finishing up our packing, we snapped a few photos to share some preview shots of what you all can be looking forward to in the week to come and the next!  

During this week, we will be documenting our adventures on our fox + gypsy sites, but we will all also be using the #ALIVEatNYFW hashtag on all of our social media platforms so be sure to bookmark it to stay up to date on live coverage! You can also check out Alive mag 

for more details.

NYC, ready or not, here we come!

fox + gypsy


  1. From the looks of it, you ladies are READY!

    Where is that skull top from, btw?


  2. Try www.worldofbuttons.co.uk

    All types of gold and gilt buttons supplied.