February 12, 2013

Samantha Pleet Fall 2013

We had the honor of sneaking a peek at Samantha Pleet's 2013 fall collection straight from her showroom. We were welcomed with mint tea, tarts and tea party sized snacks and cheeses, which was a warm welcome out from the swallowing storm outside. The collection for fall is very unique- full of velvet blazers, sleek capes, tasseled shoes and creative cut-outs. There are even pieces that have the print of one of Samantha's original watercolor paintings. We wanted to leave with the whole collection- including all of the amazing boots and oxford-styled shoes.

fox + gypsy


  1. i love the 2 brown ankle boots. do you know where I can purchase them?


    1. Hey Sara! Some are here http://www.wolverine.com/US/en/SamanthaPleet and I think the others are for the fall 2013 line which I am not sure if it has come out yet! She will be here for STLFW soon, I can defintely find out more then!